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Wintertime Grain Management with the AgriDry Bullseye Controller 


At AgriDry, we are here to help you solve your biggest problems with grain storage.Whether you are buying more grain than your selling, losing grain in your bins or just concerned about the quality of your grain. We help you take care of your grain by keeping it stored at the proper levels of moisture and temperature to keep your grain from spoiling and deteriorating. 

We have a four step process to ensure your grain can be stored without any worries:

  1. The grain is correctly loaded into the bin using an AgriDry Gravity Grain Spreader

  2. Grain Temperature and Moisture is monitored with the Bullseye Bin Controller

  3. Both the Spreader and Controller are correctly installed by a certified AgriDry Install Crew

  4. The controller can be monitored using AgriDryLink

AgriDry also offers the Bullseye Bin Controller for Natural Air Drying Bins and a CFlow and Batch Dryer program model to automate high temperature drying systems including Continuous Flow dryers, Batch/Stage stand alone and in-bin top dry. For bin monitoring and drying tips, contact your sales representative or our offices today!


AgriDry is committed to Customer Service so much we offer a Certificate of Guarantee.  We are the only company in the industry to do so!  Ask your Sales Representative for details!


Watch a short video about our NEW and IMPROVED remote communication service!

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